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This is how your Ukulele strings should be tuned.

There are several different tunings for a Uke. Below we have listed two of the most common. One of them is the so called Hawaii tuning. Starting from the string at the top it goes G4 C4 E4 and A4. If you are going for the Standard D6 tuning also called Soprano the strings should be tuned as follows: A4 D4 F#4 and B4.

Now – press play and tune your Ukulele to the sound of a Oboe – an instrument often used by large orchestras for an accurate result.

Interesting beginner Ukulele Facts.

A Ukulele is often called just “Uke”. The standard size is a soprano but it is also available as Concert, Tenor and Baritone sizes.

This is a rather old instrument. The first is said to have seen the light of the day in 1879. A good one is made of wood but nowadays there are also such made of plastic. There are even electric ones if your in to that.

Back in the days Uke strings were made of sheep gut. Modern strings are often made of nylon but it is still possible to find Gut strings in a well-stocked specialty store.

Ukulele has been a popular instrument for a long time. Niel Armstrong is said to have played it. (Not on the moon tough). Even The Beatles used it in some of their songs. Perhaps it was thanks to George Harrison who was said to have had hundreds.