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Viola Online Tuner – Fast and easy

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This may be the best place to tune your Viola online. My approach is simple. I use a recording of an Oboe as reference. Press play and start tuning. Most Online tuners use a too short sound file and therefore makes it hard to tune accurate by ear. I’ve learned from that and made 15 sec long audio files. That gives you lots of time to really fine tune your instrument. Hope you like it. If so, bookmark my page and tell your musician friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Play the audio files

Just play the audio file below by pressing the play-button. The strings from low to high are: C3, G3, D4, and A4.

Here it is, Now press play, listen and tune your instrument! Good luck!

Don’t forget to buy new viola strings regularly

A Viola is a quality instrument that has to be taken care of. Strings are therefore something you should not save money on. They are the “soul” of the instrument and are clearly one of the things that affect the sound most.

Interesting Viola facts for the beginner

This is a so called bowed and plucked string instrument. It is a little bit larger than a violin and it has a low and deep sound. The Viola is the middle (alto voice) of the violin family. It fits between the violin (tuned a perfect fifth above a Viola) and the Cello (which is tuned an octave below it). The tuning below, C–G–D–A is used in a majority of all Viola music.

Acoustic tuner – the best way to tune a instrument?

There are many benefits of tuning your instrument just by listening. Most digital tuners make the job a little too easy for you. Just plug in and watch a display with a pointer. This is not the way to do it if you are serious.

You don’t get good hearing by being lazy. Training is actually required to hear when an instrument is properly tuned. This is especially true for beginners. In fact, it is necessary to be able to hear small differences in the tones your instrument produces if you play in an orchesrta.

I think one of the best ways to practice this is to actually tune your instrument by ear. The sound you hear on our recordings is an electronic oboe. It’s a common instrument to tune to in an orchestra.

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