Violin Online Tuner

Tune your Violin like this

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A violin is tuned in fifths, in the notes G3, D4, A4, E5. This tuning is used in most Violin music. Other variations are tuning the G string up to A. This is called cross tuning.

Now, play the audio file below and tune up.

Online Violin tuner

Here it is, Now press play, listen and tune your instrument!


Good strings are (of course) crucial

It goes without saying that the strings are crucial for this instrument. It is therefore important to check that they are in good condition and find out if they need to be replaced. Some choose to practice with older worn strings and change only when it is time for a larger appearance. This can be good but also a little misleading. A good idea is to always have fresh strings on your instrument. If you want to sound good with new strings then you probably have practice with new strings.

Which strings sound best?

There are many opinions about which strings are best for Violin. Most violin players have their own idea of what sounds best for them. One factor is also how it “feels” to play on the strings.A couple often mentioned as popular brands are D’Addario Ascenté and Thomastik Dominant.